September 23, 2013

Fampyra diaries: epilogue

Hey all - 
Well, Fampyra and I have parted company, at least temporarily. I was finding it contributing to my gastric reflux, it was disturbing my sleep to the point where my little FitBit was recording me in bed for 9 hours but asleep for 3. I'd think it was the machine but before I took Fampyra and after I stopped taking it, my sleep hours lengthened to 6 or more. So I must've been doing something when on it.
Tough to guess as I am in bed alone (see previous post) but thats my thought.

Plus I can't really afford the $570 monthly charge - I could, I suppose, if I really felt it was helping that much.

Of course, now that I'm off it, I am having increasing trouble walking but to be fair, I was before I went off it, too - just the progress of the disease, I think.

I have an appointment with my doc in October and will get re-evaluated then. She may think I should try it again. I may differ. 

If any of you have had sleep disturbances when on Fampyra, write it in the comments....would love to know how everyone else's experiences are. I just know I need more than 3 hours of sleep a night...

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