May 7, 2012

Exploring - how do I do it?

I'm plotting a trip to Newfoundland this summer, while I can still walk a bit. But even with the "bit" left, I'm wondering how best to get around. I hate my giganto unsexy walker. It looks old-lady-ish and is huge. A three wheeled one is smaller but doesn't come with the welcome seat. Canes are difficult to manage if you want to use your hands. I don't have a scooter.
Went looking on Amazon to see if I could find a sexy all terrain walker. Yep. It's there. Cheaper one costs tons. More expensive one is around the $1000 mark.
This being a crip ain't cheap.
So I'm emailing the people in Nfld and asking them how I can see as much as possible given my limitations. And they are coming through, charming folk that they are. The place where I'm staying near Gros Morne, Entente Cordiale, gave me a whole list of places I could see "just from your car". Others give me hints of activities still open to me.
I suspect I am going to like this place.
I just wish I had the right equipment to get around there.  Any suggestions?

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