March 28, 2011

Oh blessed drugs!

One of the things about this foolish, changeable disease, is that you have to do so much self-management, sometimes in spite of your doctor. One can always hope to be on the same wavelength, but occasionally the focus differs and you have to think it through yourself. My neuro told me that the Baclofen I'd been prescribed by another doc for spasticity wasn't really needed in my case since I didn't have any spasticity.
Well, true, then I just had twitches, not spasms. So he gave me drugs for twitches.  Fair enough.
But I've been unable to walk more than a block without pain for weeks now. Some of it is no doubt due to the kidney stone thing, but even once it was gone, my legs weren't working together.  One foot spasmed regularly. Pain and I became close personal friends.  And as someone whose big kidney stone was found halfway down the ureter (and I was in minor discomfort), when I feel pain, it should tell me something.
So today I decided to try a baclofen.  And you know what? It worked. I just came back from my first fast walk in weeks. My legs worked together with my knees and I could hoof it as I like to, fast enough to satisfy even the rampant poodle.  My hips swung along like they are supposed to, easily, cheerfully, enjoying the movement. It was f-ing amazing.
Motion is so wonderful to experience when you've lost it for awhile. There is something so mystical about the way a body works together, the way the hip swings in the socket, the way the shoulders move within the framework of muscles, the support and flexibility of the spine.  I am almost giddy with the joy of it all. Those of you, who can move easily - go for a walk. It's a true gift.

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