February 25, 2011

Well, it's one of those days...

Got up, poured my cereal in my coffee mug.
It's gone downhill from there.
I'm trying to get organized for my move to heaven  Nova Scotia (specifically, Dartmouth) and my brain is NOT cooperating. I am mixed up between trying to organize paperwork, throw out items, book movers, change addresses, etc., etc. and my desk is a disaster, my hair is a spectacle, and my dog is becoming surly. It's just about time to take him for a walk and mail a variety of things, but first I have to figure out the byzantine rules for getting money back from the drug support program here in Ontario for my horrendously expensive Copaxone. And other drugs.
Expensive disease, this. And it's only beginning. The pharmacist figures out I spent $16,000 on meds last year - most of it covered by insurance, thank gods, but this year my coverage stops at $2400 (the max available under my insurance). Even the support program only pays for 80%. As my income is about twice my drug total, life is looking a bit grim. Perhaps I will have to just give them up. Or maybe the makers of Copaxone, Teva pharmaceuticals, who were in fact fined for overcharging, could lower their prices a wee bit. I know, overall, it is less costly than the alternative - crippling disease progression - and it seems to have stopped that for me. I know it's expensive to make, and involves years of research - I know they have to charge a hefty fee.  But perhaps a wee bit less hefty would be a big help.

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Che koala said...

DA, perhaps this small study available on PubMed that looked at the efficacy of alternate day dosing with Copaxone might be of interest to you:

Unfortunately, (given it was done in 2002) there doesn't seem to have been any further followup to its recommendations ...

Wow - good luck with the move.