June 23, 2010

Oh the joys of being able to move!

I feel bipolar. On the days when my MS body won't cooperate, I am grouchy, depressed, hostile, unmotivated.
On the days when it works, the sun comes out and I spring about, filled with the energy of muscles screaming to break free.  For the last three days I've managed a 30-45 minute aerobic workout, loving every minute.  I even did the deadly Wii Active today (sure, just the easy low impact one, but still!), breaking into a sweat so prodigious I daren't be seen for at least a half hour or so til it all stops pouring out of me. I can feel my tummy getting tighter, and it fills me with joy. And my legs remain strong, my balance is good (until after the exercise, when I develop a listing to one side like a sailboat tacking upwind).  My lungs feel open and exercised and aerated, my brain is functioning better, it's all wonderful. And I feel less like smoting anyone who annoys me...
I get done with my workout and immediately start thinking of doing another, my mind and heart willing, my muscles and nerves ever so affirmatively NOT. But I try and work in a walk as well later in the day, just because I can, and there are all those days when I can't that my muscles have to make up for.
And then, at night, when I crawl into bed, the pain starts - the muscle spasms, the contractions, the hip flicks. I try not to whimper, but it hurts, damn it, especially when my back flips my legs and they are pooped from the day. Fortunately, I am usually so tired that I fall asleep before too much whimpering ensues, but I'd sure as heck like to know why the spasming starts when I am at rest.  And maybe how to forestall it. Maybe I'll find out when I see my neuro on Friday....
Meanwhile, I'm riding this active horse for as long as my body will let me.  It feels so GOOD! And I can't help but think, if I exercise now while I can, maybe I'll get a grip on all those other monsters that have come to live with me - overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure...of course, the main problem is that when I exercise, I get very very hungry....;-)

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