June 19, 2010

Help Mii!

Ah Mii.
Any of you who read this blog know I love my Wii Fit. It's perfect for we wobblies, as it helps balance us, and adjust its expectations day by day so we need not die from over exercise....

But I've got some issues.  First of all, I created my Mii, designing it short and round, only to get on the board and have it readjust me shorter and rounder.  It's harsh.

I got over that shock - after all, I'm still cute on the picture despite my poundage - but then came the weigh in....

The line flows upwards, the BMI is over in the red area, and my Mii shoves out its not insignificant tum and wiggles it while the program says "That's obese!"

Okay, okay, I get over that and even learn not to take the cracks about the balance test not being my strength to heart(it was a bad balance day) and not to cry at the days when my Wii fit age trots up near my real age...and sneer back at it when I haven't exercised for a day and it gives me grief...

Unfortunately, now I am trying to lose weight somewhat dramatically as have diagnosis of diabetes to add to the thrills of MS, and the scale part is important. But it varies extremely depending on where on my carpet I place it. One day it soared by 4.5 kilos!!!! I know water retention is one of those things we wimmen have to cope with, but migods - ten pounds of water?  Unlikely. I hoped.  I rearranged the board.

"Ooh" it cooed when I stepped on it. "Your weight has changed.  Continue?" I continued. I still ended up 3 lbs heavier than I'd been the previous day, but at least I didn't feel like I needed to lie down and die.

Now, though, I don't trust it. I test my weight at least three times during a session. I'm becoming obsessed. It tells me my weight will vary by kilos depending on time of day...it mocks me with its red line and tummy wriggling...it nags me to exercise exercise exercise to get that posture of mine better, alternately praising me for excellent posture and telling me I wobble (dang left ankle) and need to work on my core. It's like an inconsistent parent, giving conditional love.


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Have Myelin? said...

I know nothing about Wii but this is so funny!