December 24, 2011

Multiple sclerosis linked to different area of brain

Multiple sclerosis linked to different area of brain

Oh goodie, goodie. Apparently my thalamus is shrinking. Like a 70 year old's. I am upset. I've always liked my thalamus, rounded and plump as it oughta be. Now I am envisioning it on a Lindsey Lohan reducing diet, complete with drug enhancements and untold and weird cellular attacks.
While I am enchanted by the thought that people are still interested enough in MS to research it using very expensive equipment, none of the research seems to be leading to effective treatments. Just more bad news.
Well, I'm lying. There are some exciting new developments hovering on the horizon. Things like remyelinating drugs, treatments that slow the disease and don't merely mask its effects, good stuff like that.
But they are slow in developing, and meanwhile, my thalamus is shrinking...

On the other hand, I now have a perfect medical explanation for why I am going crazy!

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ntexas99 said...

We have to have a medical explanation for crazy ??? Oh, crap! Guess I better let one of my inner selves get busy poking one of the others or something. Hate for them to think I'm making all this craziness up in my head.

Hi there ... found your blog by way of a comment you left at Joss Burnel's blog site. I like the way you write. Just thought I would pop in and say howdy. Bye for now!