May 5, 2011

that MS Waddle...

I am just getting sexier and sexier. Met up with my wholly amusing and quite wonderful new neurologist today (these happy health care providers are throwing me off - everyone seems to be having a good time and it's even been raining for over a week straight) and he made me walk across the room and said, "Ah yes, that wide stance walk to keep your balance. Hmmm." I hadn't thought about it much before although I know I have times when I stomp about like a sailor on shore leave, striding this way and that, but apparently now, even on short walks, I've developed an attractive waddle. Nice. I blame my right hip flexors, who don't seem to be getting the message these days about locomotion - and my left foot, that insists on dropping to catch the ground with its toe. It makes an attractive sight.
And today, it made for an almost fall and a twisted ankle that made me shout.  Fortunately, Chutney the magnificent therapy dog was with me and proceeded to drag me forward with his leash and tangle himself around me and a tree to stabilize everything. He is so helpful.
So, to add to my middle aged spread, I've developed the "here's me head, me behind's coming" walk that my mother used to spot in others, plus a wide enough stance that this same mother would argue I looked "ready for anything".  She really was a shocking woman.
As for me, I think I'll take to using that cane thing.  Could be more debonair than waddling.

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Mary K. Mennenga said...

Yes those aids that help us walk also make us look better!