January 25, 2010

A thoughtful dialogue on CCSVI

The MS Society of Canada has posted a series of videos from Winnipeg where neurologists and radiologists discuss testing for CCSVI, limitations of this, and concerns about the research and treatment, as well as sharing their hopes that it will prove to be at least a partial solution. I think it's a balanced presentation overall. The Q&As are interesting and looking at this with my nurses hat on, their explanations are very reasonable.
It is unreasonable to expect testing and studies on this one area (venous stenosis and expansion specifically) to be done everywhere. We already have an overtaxed health care system. I like the view of one of the neurologists that they would want to look at something different - like the progression of CCSVI idea - is it present at birth, when does it develop, is it potentially caused by the medications we use, what does Vitamin D have to do with it, etc... That makes sense, rather than just repeating the initial studies. I'm also in favour of research looking at stenting and veins - can it be done safely? Is there a better arrangement? These other studies would finish up presumably within the time that the first ones would be done and then we'd have a more holistic picture of the issue, how to treat it, what it is caused by.
In any case, the videos are interesting, the neuros are thoughtful and receptive, the radiologist raises some very interesting points. I think, if viewed without an initial negative lens, they offer much wisdom. Bravo MS Society for posting these - wish you had done so sooner!

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